Interlegal experts arrested the import container cargo

8 марта 2017 г.: en 117 мая 2017 г.: ru 1 всего: 2 25.10.16

Well-coordinated and prompt teamwork of Interlegal lawyers resulted in arrest of the import container cargo delivered to Ukraine in the framework of foreign economic contract performance.

The special aspect of the case was the fact that the Client, as the Buyer, made a full prepayment of the goods upon the completion of loading of the goods on board of the vessel. The prepayment was made against the copy of straight (non-negotiable) Bill of Lading.

In return, the Seller, in breach of the fixed agreement, upon receipt of full payment, refused to serve the  original set of Bills of Lading to the Buyer. The Seller required full prepayment for the next lot of goods. In addition, the Seller intended, upon arrival of the cargo to Ukraine, to instruct the line carrier to return the paid cargo back to the loading port.

In order to defend lawful rights and interests of the Client as nominee consignee under the straight (non-negotiable) Bill of Lading, Interlegal experts organized arrest of the delivered container cargo, preventing thereby the risks of cargo return out of Ukraine, in compliance with unlawful instructions of the Seller as the consignor.

Senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya and lawyer Olena Ptashenchuk led the case. 


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