Interlegal experts drafted a labour contract on special terms

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A regular client applied to Interlegal due to the difficult choice of executing relationship with its actual employer. Having worked at the company for a long period under the oral labour agreement, the client was proposed to change the grounds for executing relationship between the parties.

The Client faced a difficult task: to conclude either a labour contract or a civil agreement on rendering services and to justify its choice against the employer.

Having analyzed labour legislation and the latest trends in labour dispute settlement, Interlegal experts drafted a legal opinion which compared grounds and principles both for labour and civil agreements.

Lawyers stated not only advantages of labour agreement, as compared to civil agreement, in respect of governing labour relationship, but also stated negative effects for the employer in case of concealing the fact of labour relationship.

Under the results of legal opinion and negotiations, both employer and employee arranged a decision on making labour agreement on special terms which provided, apart from principal labour rights, several additional guarantees for the employee.

Interlegal lawyers Karyna Gorovaya and Mikhail Selivanov led the project.