Interlegal experts made up the contractual scheme of vessel operation under time charter

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The client, a major shipping company, requested Interlegal to draft the required set of documents and for making up the scheme of providing time charter services regarding fleet operation in Sea of Azov, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Upon the client’s request, Interlegal experts analyzed the current risks concerning rendering time charter services and related services in the framework of time charter performance in the aforesaid region. The analysis resulted in recommendations upon minimization of identified risks. The scope of documents necessary for time charter performance and principal requirements on drawing up of documents have been determined as well.

Regarding contractual documentation, Interlegal lawyers drafted the English version of time charter party, annexes and supplements thereto in compliance with international practice of the relevant business and national law requirements. Special attention was paid to the issues of applicable law and place of consideration of the disputes.

Interlegal experts in maritime law practice Andrey Perepelitsa, Olena Ptashenchuk and Ekaterina Gadetskaya worked upon the case.