Interlegal held a seminar «Cargo Transportation in Black and Caspian Sea Regions» in Batumi, Georgia

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On September 24, in the framework of the International Forum «Cargo Transportation in Black and Caspian Sea Regions», Interlegal held a Seminar “Arbitration and problems of carriage contracts performance”. Over 30 professionals of transport industry – logisticians, shipowners, forwarders – participated in the seminar. During the seminar partners and lawyers of three Interlegal offices from Odessa, Istanbul and Batumi discussed the following issues with participants:

- Settlement of disputes in marine navigation and international trade by means of London Arbitration;

- Enforcement of the foreign arbitration awards;

- Online auctions in Georgia;

- The “Crimean” issue: impact on Black Sea cargo transportations.

The presentation, devoted to the vital topic – widespread fraud schemes in marine transport and methods of combating fraud – caused a vivid interest and discussion among participants.