Interlegal initiated ship arrest as security measure under commercial proceedings

5 апреля 2017 г.: ru 2 en 26 апреля 2017 г.: ru 3 18 августа 2017 г.: en 1 всего: 44 05.04.17

Interlegal, protecting the interests of the Client – foreign bunkering company – filed a claim to the court on debt recovery for bunker supply to the Shipowner.

Application on the debtor’s ship arrest was filed for the purpose of claim security followed by court decision actual enforcement.

The commercial court agreed with the lawyers’ arguments and made a ruling on ship arrest.

At the present moment the vessel is arrested at one of the Ukrainian ports in order to facilitate actual debt recovery.

Interlegal lawyer Vitalii Tolstik and senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya are leading the case.


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