Interlegal lawyers charged bunker debt amounting to 240,000 USD

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A foreign bunkering company applied to Interlegal on debt recovery amounting to 240,000 USD for bunker supply on board of the vessel. A company – shipowner (the Debtor) violated payment terms.

Interlegal lawyers filed as soon as possible the relevant application on ship arrest. But the persons engaged in case proceedings are the matter of concern.

Broker ordered bunkering in the interests of the vessel manager who is not the vessel owner. Thus, the registered vessel owner did not execute Bunker Request by itself.
Interlegal lawyers submitted evidence showing the registered shipowner’s liabilities for bunker supply.

The court accepted the lawyers’ arguments and satisfied the application on ship arrest. Following ship arrest, the Debtor and the Client agreed on debt recovery and the vessel was released until loading completion, without vessel idle stay at the sea port.

Interlegal proved once more effectiveness of ship arrest as debt recovery mechanism. Interlegal junior lawyer Igor Derus and attorney-at-law Mikhail Selivanov, under general supervision of senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya, led the case.