Interlegal lawyers held a training course for the trade company from Kazakhstan

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Traders of the large trade company from Kazakhstan participated in the Interlegal educational training course. It touched the English contractual law, in particular, GAFTA contract performance. Its individual program was based on specifications of a certain trade company operation.

Interlegal senior associates Andrey Perepelitsa and Ekaterina Gadetskaya reported in details on general principles of the English contractual law, nuances and typical errors in the correspondence upon commercial contracts. At the seminar, trader obtained also information about solving the problems arising in the process of contract performance and arbitration proceedings.

Third module touched the issues of international cargo transportation by sea and chartering.

Training course was finalized by case studies of Interlegal recent practice.Our experts will be glad to hold a similar seminar for your company, based on your certain business demands.