Interlegal lawyers supported opening the foreign investor’s business in Ukraine

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Interlegal regular client filed a request on legal support of creating a timber business in Ukraine.

At the first stage of legal support, Interlegal lawyers drafted a business model and corporate structure of the further enterprise, explained business peculiarities , tax effects and requirements for business entities under cooperation with non-residents in Ukraine.

Since the foreign company intended to be a regular partner and investor, experts made a detailed analysis of terms, requirements and effects of obtaining loan from non-residents, including grounds and tax effects of the foreign equipment import in Ukraine.

Teamwork resulted in:

- creating the Ukrainian company with foreign investments;

- drafting and signing the loan agreement with non-resident;

- drafting and signing the operative lease agreement with an option of further buyout.

Interlegal senior lawyer Karyna Gorovaya and paralegal Marta Leliavina under general supervision of partner Irina Voyevodina led the case.