Interlegal Personal attorney service. On the guard of honor, dignity and business reputation of the Client

6 августа 2018 г.: en 11 сентября 2018 г.: en 12 сентября 2018 г.: en 1 всего: 101 16.02.17

In the framework of new Personal Attorney Service Practice, the client filed a request to Interlegal upon false information about its company in mass media.

Due to Internet publication of the article discrediting honor, dignity and business reputation of the company and its management, the Client applied for legal opinion upon the methods of defending violated rights.

Attorney made court practice analysis in respect of the above case category, with regards to the current legislation, and drafted a legal opinion which highlighted the issues regarding persons liable for false information distribution, grounds for the right on defending business reputation of the legal entity against false information; determined persons entitled to defend honor, dignity and business reputation; disclosed the issues of jurisdiction regarding such case category and methods of defending honor, dignity and business reputation at the court.

As the result, Interlegal client obtained a legal position upon the concerned issue and recommendations upon necessary actions to be taken in order to defend violated rights of the Client, the Company and its management due to Internet publication of the article.

Attorney Ellina Romanova, lawyer Olena Ptashenchuk, Personal Attorney Service practice manager Vitalii Tolstik, under general supervision of partner Natalya Myroshnychenko, led the case.