Interlegal prevented ship arrest in Romania

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In the collaboration with the Romanian colleagues, experts of Interlegal prevented the arrest of the vessel at the Constanta Port which could be imposed due to the debt for repair works. 
Ship arrest right before the weekend could cost the Shipowner significant financial losses due to extra delay at the port. 


Within 24 hours lawyers of Interlegal elaborated the option for settlement and agreed it with the Claimants’ representatives, concluded the Escrow Agreement and opened the Escrow account with further performance of provided transactions. Due to active engagement of lawyers, ship arrest was prevented and both debtor and creditor effectively resolved the dispute.

Romania is a party to the Brussels Convention on arrest of sea-going vessels of 1952. A ship can be arrested in Romania for one or more of the claims mentioned in article 1.1 of the 1952 arrest Convention. Ships may be arrested also for the claims listed in the 1926 Convention on maritime liens and mortgages. In case of urgency, vessels can be provisionally arrested through the Harbour Master office, subject to payment of small tax