Interlegal procured the release of withheld cargo

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Experts of Interlegal protected the interests of a foreign buyer, whose cargo was unlawfully withheld by an exporter in a Ukrainian port after the buyer fulfilled his payment obligations.

Taking into account the vast experience in solving complex problems, Interlegal worked out the necessary strategy to protect the buyer`s interests. In particular, the relevant claims were sent to the exporter and forwarding agent, legal basis of the buyer's property right under CPT terminal made ready. In order to avoid the risk of taking the cargo out by the exporter to the address of third parties, some necessary preparations for its arrest were made.

As a result, the cargo was duly drawn up and shipped on a vessel to the client in accordance with the agreed terms of delivery under the contract.

Prompt measures taken by Interlegal allowed the client to take over the paid cargo, as well as to avoid losses from the chartered vessel demurrage and the unreliable seller`s failure to contractual obligations.

The project was performed by lawyers of Interlegal: Vitalii Tolstik, Olena Ptashenchuk, senior lawyer Alexey Remeslo and attorney Vadym Popelyuk, under the supervision of associated partner Artem Skorobogatov.