Interlegal represented interests of a major Ukrainian freight forwarder

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Within the scope of work with their regular customer the freight forwarder company specializing in container transportation organized and performed carriage of several lots of cargo from Ukraine. The cargo was successfully delivered to the agreed destination and the part of it was released to the consignee. However the shipper did not pay for freight forwarding services and did not compensate the freight, forcing the forwarder to exercise his right of lien on the remaining cargo.

The situation aggravated by the claim of container line for demurrage. The container line intended to return the cargo to the port of loading or to sell it in order to recover demurrage.


Interlegal initiated negotiations between the parties involved and acted as mediator for them. The lawyers worked out a scheme of protection of the parties’ interests, which succeeded: the freight forwarder recovered the amounts due and his client received his cargo.

Lawyers Karina Gorovaya and Ekaterina Gadetskaya worked on the case under general supervision of associated partner Natalya Myroshnychenko.