Interlegal settled the problem related to signing commercial contracts

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The Client, one of the Ukrainian leading foreign traders, filed a request to Interlegal concerning its counteragent’s refusal to sign sale and purchase contracts agreed by the Parties and been performed for already a month.

The Client acted as the Seller in the supply process. The Parties agreed on conclusion of three contracts governed by the English law.

When Interlegal experts obtained a request, over 50% of the arranged quantity of goods were supplied to the terminal. The Seller issued the relevant invoices but the contracts remained unsigned by the Buyers.

One more obstacle was the terminal’s refusal to accept the part of scheduled deliveries, while the goods were already loaded on railway transport.

Due to prompt and complex consulting, the contracts remained valid and the supply process was renewed.

The situation was settled based on the Joint Memorandum under three contracts drafted by Interlegal experts for this particular case.

Interlegal lawyer Olena Ptashenchuk under general supervision of the associated partner Natalya Myroshnychenko led the case.