Interlegal successfully defended at the appeal instance the court decision on the IAC at the UCCI Award recognition and enforcement

21 февраля : ru 1 27 февраля : ru 1 21 мая : ru 1 всего: 3 20.12.16

The court of appeal has considered lawfulness and feasibility of the first instance court decision which recognized and granted permission on the IAC at the UCCI Award enforcement at the territory of Ukraine due to the shipowner’s indebtedness for vessel repair.

At the court of appeal, Interlegal lawyers confirmed both the first instance court compliance with the law in the process of considering the application upon recognition and granting permission on the arbitration award enforcement and absence of the grounds for rejecting its satisfaction.

Finally, the court of appeal confirmed permission on the arbitration award enforcement against the large shipping company, by means of foreclosure against its vessel arrested in Ukraine as a matter of security measures under this case.

The lawyer Mikhail Selivanov under general supervision of the associated partner Natalya Myroshnychenko leads the case.