Interlegal successfully released a vessel from arrest in Syria

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The vessel was chartered for carriage of cargo from the Syrian port of Tartous to Port Said, Egypt. After loading in Tartous, the vessel was arrested by illegal and groundless claim of third parties and she could not start her voyage. Perishable cargo was unloaded, resulting in the charterer`s losses due to the late delivery.

Lawyers of Interlegal arranged an appeal of court`s decision on arrest, and, since the performance of the charter became impossible, initiated settlement negotiations with the charterer. During the negotiations, experts of Interlegal offered the parties to consider a compromise to resolve the situation and drafted a settlement agreement.

Due to the efficient work of the senior lawyer of Interlegal Andrey Perepelitsa and lawyer Ekaterina Gadetskaya, the arrest was lifted, the claim of the charterers settled and the vessel sailed from the port.