Interlegal successfully settled the dispute related to the performance of the charter party from Ukraine to Libya

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Interlegal successfully settled the dispute between the owners and charterers of the vessel, which was chartered for the carriage of feed barley from the port of Kiliya, Ukraine, to Libya.

Interlegal was representing interests of the charterers. The dispute arose due to more than three months demurrage of the vessel at the port of Misurata, Libya. The vessel’s demurrage was caused by the failure of the consignees in Libya to fulfill their undertaken obligations on payment for the cargo shipped, compensation of freight and demurrage.

Moreover, after the above-mentioned time elapsed and the owners finally agreed to proceed with discharging, the consignees rejected to accept the cargo and terminated the sales contract. The situation became almost deadlocked.

Through the dispute resolution Interlegal specialists managed to bring the owners and the charterers to mutual understanding and settled the dispute. As a result, the consignees in Libya were claimed in default, the sales contract was concluded with the new buyers, and the vessel was chartered for the voyage to the new discharge port.

The senior lawyer Dmitriy Zagorodnyuk and the lawyer Olena Ptashenchuk worked on the case.