International Association of Average Adjusters

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International Association of Average Adjusters (established in 1961) provides Average Adjusting and Claims Consultancy services in the marine environment http://www.amdadjusters.org}(www.amdadjusters.org). The members of this association provide worldwide solutions with sound advice and well reasoned opinions. Some of the diversified skills that members bring to clients are:


? The Adjustment of Claims (claims that would fall on a policy of marine insurance covering Cargo, Ships and Offshore Energy Equipment)


 ? General Average


? Assistance to In House Claims Personnel


? Casualty Response


? Third Party Recoveries


? Arbitration


The only member of the association in the Black Sea region is our firm which is honorable, of course, and became possible after years of cooperation in this field with various prominent adjusters. Janusz Fedorowicz from Fedorowicz & Partners S.A., Belgium in Odessa at the annual conference Practice of Maritime business (see photo below)