Invitation from Varamar

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Dear delegates!


We are pleased to invite you to the Annual Dinner of the Ukrainian Shipbroker’s Club in Odessa!

The venue shall take place on Friday, the 3rd of June.


Varamar, as an Initiator and Founder of the Ukrainian Ship-Broker’s Club, is also holding talks with

other future Members of this Club to co-host this dinner making it a Joint yearly event.


Over 100 people from various trade-houses, shipping companies and brokerage firms are expected at the dinner.
The dinner will be held on the 3rd of June at 19.00 at a nice local restaurant at the sea-side!
We would be pleased to see you and your colleagues at this bright event.


Your soonest response regarding the attendance will be much appreciated.


Best regards

Elizabeth BOGAICHUK obo Alexander VARVARENKO




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