Kennedys & Interlegal Seminar in London

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On September 10th, Kennedys and Interlegal law firms held the seminar “Looking East and West: insights from the Black Sea region” within London International Shipping Week 2015. This Seminar was organized to discuss different aspects of shipping in the Black Sea region, from local shipping lawyers and P&I correspondents.

Partners of Interlegal Arthur Nitsevych, Nikolay Melnykov, Mehmet Dogu and CEO of “CIS PANDI Services Ltd” Pavel Svertilov had the talks during the Seminar. They focused on:

• Peculiarities of transportation in the Black Sea: FAQs and news; Crimea and sanctions; sale of vessels by auction; collection of evidence in export of grains (fraud with FCR and bs/l);

• Ship arrest in the Black Sea countries: jurisdiction and alerts;

• Recourse against carriers, freight forwarders and insurers (or how to recover debts in Ukraine);

• Turkish Open Form (TOF) and salvage practice in Turkey;

• P&I review in Ukrainian ports (ballast waters, fines and payments, etc.).

The event was attended by more than 30 professionals, who needed to understand their insured’s’ rights and obligations and some of the practical issues that arise in the region.