Lawyers of Interlegal defended shipowners due to their vessel’s call at the Crimean ports

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A Client applied to Interlegal due to the situation in respect of his vessel’s call at Kerch and Sevastopol Commercial Sea Ports.

Lawyers of Interlegal found out that the competent authorities of Ukraine had filed a request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the vessel flag states upon excluding those vessels from the register and depriving them from the flag due to their violation of the procedure of crossing state border of Ukraine at the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

It is noteworthy that the vessels called at the aforesaid ports in 2013 for the purpose of repair and left the ports in the second half of 2014 after completion of repair.

Lawyers of Interlegal submitted to the flag state administration all the necessary documents which confirmed legal inward crossing of the state border by the vessels in 2013 and their outward crossing of it in 2014. Then the flag state administration confirmed registration of the vessels in the register and the vessel flag status.

Sergey Kalitenko, the senior lawyer, and Sergey Sushko, the lawyer, represented interests of the Client.