Lawyers of Interlegal successfully defended the palm oil and palm stearin consignee’s interests in the dispute with the shipowner

14 августа 2018 г.: ru 1 всего: 1 10.12.14

The client referred to Interlegal due to the damages of the part of his import cargo as per Bill of Lading, carried from Asia to Ukraine.

In the process of discharge at the port of Odessa the part of palm oil, palm stearin and sea water were mixed due to the crew’s negligence. Therefore the cargo became unfit for further use in the contractual purpose.

Lawyers of Interlegal filed an application to the Commercial Court of Odessa Region and arrested the vessel on the grounds of maritime claim as a preliminary measure.

In the process of negotiations between Interlegal as the Client’s representative, the shipowners and their P&I the agreement was reached, whereupon the vessel continued its voyage.

Sergey Sushko, the lawyer, and Alexey Remeslo, the senior lawyer, worked at the case upon general supervision of Artem Skorobogatov, the associated partner.