Legal Care: Interlegal lawyers defended the Seller’s interests on FOB terms

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In the framework of Interlegal Legal Care program, Interlegal team of lawyers supported the Contract on corn sale and purchase under GAFTA 49 (FOB).

While performing the Contract, the Client faced lots of problems, from improper vessel nomination by the Buyer and the Buyer’s improper documentary instructions, up to changes in payment terms and destination country.

To compound the situation, in the process of Contract performance it turned out that the Contract is just a link of the large chain of contracts between numerous market players.

Interlegal lawyers performed a complex work aimed at the deal support, which included regular and prompt recommendations for the Client upon legal aspects of the deal in order to mitigate risks, verification and modification of documents with regards to the Client’s interests, and consulting the Client upon correct correspondence with the counteragent with regards to actual case circumstances and legal aspects of the English commercial law.

Due to proper legal support of Interlegal team of experts – paralegal Valeria Ivanova, junior lawyer Igor Derus, under general supervision of senior lawyer Ekaterina Gadetskaya – the parties performed the commercial Contract successfully.