LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators Association) published statistics of considered cases for 2013

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In general there were considered 2966 cases. Awards were made in 608 cases. So it confirms once more our standpoint that most claims upon sea transportations are subject to pretrial settlement, including search for compromise resulting in signing of a settlement agreement.


Nearly 75% of all maritime arbitration cases throughout the world are subject to consideration in London. The most frequent are cases considered under the standard LMAA Terms 2012 upon the disputes regarding demurrage and vessel sale/purchase. In 2013 the sole arbitrator was appointed in 119 cases upon Small Claims procedure.


Oral hearings were held in 92 cases in general. It proves once again that maritime arbitration, which considers disputes remotely, only on the grounds of documents, and saves arbitration costs to the parties, is the best choice today.


Artur Nitsevych and Nikolay Melnykov are LMAA members since 2009. Interlegal successfully represents the clients’ interests in the English Maritime Arbitration for many years.