Local Investments and National Competitiveness Project was presented in Odessa

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Managing partner of International Law Offices, Arthur Nitsevych, was elected as a member of the Expert Committee.


Strategic plans for economic development under the technology applied by the LINK Project were developed in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Czech Republic and other countries of the world. {BR}{BR} Odessa is the first multi-million city of Ukraine taking part in & ldquo;Local Investments and National Competitiveness” Project.{BR}{BR} At the preliminary meeting of the Expert Committee for Strategic Planning of the Economic Development of the city of Odessa was:{BR}{BR} - signed the Protocol of Intents to implement the Project on international technical assistance “Local Investments and National Competitiveness”;{BR} - presented “Local Investments and National Competitiveness” Project. {BR}{BR} The following persons took part at the meeting:{BR}{BR} Anatoliy Vorokhayev, First Deputy of the Head of Odessa City, Chairman of the Expert Committee;{BR}{BR} Maxim Svoboda, Head of the Economy, Investment Policy and Foreign Economic Activity Department of Odessa City Council, Deputy Head of the Chairman of the Expert Committee;{BR}{BR} Howard Auckman, Project Manager of “Local Investments and National Competitiveness”;{BR}{BR} Igor Parasyuk, Chief Adviser of the project on strategic planning and economic development;{BR}{BR} Vasiliy Kashevskiy, Independent Consultant of the project.{BR}{BR} There were also present the representatives of:


- enforcement bodies of Odessa City Council;


- deputy corps of Odessa City Council;


- business circles of Odessa;


- higher educational establishments;


- Chambers of Commerce;


- social business organizations etc.


Note: The Expert Committee for Strategic Planning and Economic Development of Odessa was set up by the Head of the city under the Resolution No. 26-01 dated 21 January 2010.


Next meeting is scheduled on 4 March 2010.


Source: http://www.odessa.ua/ru/news/}website of Odessa City Council