Maritime Law: Dispute Resolution

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This year, third in a row, International Law offices “Interlegal” is a Partner of the International Summer School “Maritime Law: Dispute Resolution” (‘SumS’). The Summer School is an intensive course covering the basis aspects of maritime law. The SumS includes a week program of lectures and a mini moot court. This year school , along with Ukrainian students also attended  students from Austria (4), Turkey (3), Greece (2), Italy (1), Hungary (1), Poland (1) and Portugal (1). The objective of the Summer School is to provide students with an opportunity to extend their knowledge of maritime law and to learn about peculiarities of dispute resolution.

Associated Partner at “Interlegal” Natalya Myroshnychenko welcomed the participants of the 3rd International Summer School “Maritime Law: Dispute Resolution” (‘SumS’). Natalya Myroshnychenko  was invited to the Opening ceremony as the leading maritime law expert and the representative of  “Interlegal”, the Sponsor of the of the Summer School organized by the Center for International Law and Justice (‘CILJ’) in cooperation with ELSA Odessa and National University “Odessa Law Academy”. In particular, Natalia spoke about the problem of education in such a specific branch of law like maritime law and the benefits of being active during the years of the study. At the end, Natalya Myroshnychenko stressed the importance of socialization among future lawyers and wished the participants a good time in Odessa.

The lawyers of “Interlegal”, Ms.  Kirina Riashentseva and Ms. Olga Danilishyna delivered  lectures to the participants of the Third International Summer School “Maritime Law: Dispute Resolution” (‘SumS’). The lecture of K. Riashentseva was dedicated to the legal aspects of yachting within the scope of which the yacht`s registration, insurance and customs clearance were selected as the three main pillars of the legal side of yachting. O. Danilishyna, in her lecture uncovered the problematic issues relating to the cancellation or repudiation of a Charter-Party by Charterer and indemnification.

The Law Firm “Interlegal” followed the long-rooted tradition to encourage young professionals to deepen their knowledge of maritime law. For already four years, “Interlegal” has been assisting the Center for International Law and Justice (‘CILJ’) in organization of the Summer School on Maritime Law and International Moot Competition on Maritime Arbitration. One of the focal points of the cooperation is providing the CILJ with the possibility to invite the lawyers of the “Interlegal” to deliver lectures uncovering practical aspects of the selected topic.