Master Class ‘Container Carriages, their Specifics and Peculiarities’ ONMA March 3, 2011

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On the 3rd of March ‘International Law Offices’ and Odessa National Maritime Academy (Maritime Law and Management Department) under the support of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine held another Master Class for senior students of the Academy.


Master class was entitled as ‘Container Carriages, their Specifics and Peculiarities’.


The moderators were Alexander Chebotarenko and Irina Voyevodina.


It was not the first meeting with the students of the Maritime Academy where the lawyers of ‘International Law Offices’ shared their experience with the students. The special attention was paid to the practical issues arising in the process of the containers transportation. The students were able to see the importance of fulfillment of the obligations by every party to the container carriages; to know about the possible risks for each of the chain links in case of any breach of the obligations. The moderators supported their speech by examples from their cases.


The master class was held in the form of a dialogue with the students that were deeply interested and asked a lot of questions, thus, indicating the overall success of the whole event.


 Next meeting with the students is scheduled for April 2011.