Memorandum of Understanding with Marine Legal Services

всего: 0 29.08.10

Marine Legal Services (Riga, Latvia) became the associated company of International Law Offices. In 2009 the companies decided to conclude Cooperation Agreement on Legal Services for Sea Transport Companies and Insurance of Vessels and Yachts. Since 2010 the companies render the legal services as for deals, registration and insurance of vessels and yachts, change of flag etc.


Such agreement is required to react immediately on demands of the clients being away from the place of the service rendering. Thus, all major companies of the world overcome the territorial barrier and save the clients money preventing transport or other expenses. We closely cooperate with all our associated companies situated in Latvia, Great Britain, Russia, Italy etc.


If you wish to get the qualitative legal assistance in Ukraine the only thing to do is to apply to the associated company of our partner, for example, situated in Latvia as Marine Legal Services. The experts of that company will perform all required actions having resorted to the assistance of our company and vice versa.