Partner of Interlegal became a member of SCMA

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Artur Nitsevych, partner of Interlegal, has become a member of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA). The aim of the SCMA is to provide a framework for maritime arbitration which is responsive to the needs of the maritime community. The SCMA has members from all sectors of the maritime community.

Asia controls a significant share of world tonnage and also a significant share of cargo importers and exporters, both trading globally and Intra-Asia. Therefore it is appropriate that there should be a maritime arbitration hub within Asia and within the Asian time zone. Singapore is regarded the best place for this because:

(a) A strong legal and maritime tradition;

(b) An international maritime centre, with a large maritime community represented by head quarters, branch offices and subsidiaries;

(c) Cosmopolitan with some 33% of the population being foreigners;

(d) Wide language skills, with excellent English spoken by all professionals;

(f) Excellent transport connections to and from Singapore;

(g) Safe location, etc.

Artur Nitsevych is the only SCMA member practicing law in Ukraine and countries of Black Sea Region.