New practice - Personal Attorney Service

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For over 20 years of Shipping, Transport and International Trade practice in Black Sea Region, we often faced a situation when our client management and employees need to settle not only business problems but also personal legal issues – and the ninth practice «Interlegal 24/7 Personal Attorney Service» was launched.


The Law Union “International Law Collegium” has been established to provide attorney services to our Clients in Interlegal. Now our clients and their family members have an opportunity of 24/7 contact with attorneys of the Law Union “International Law Collegium” to obtain prompt consulting upon private and personal issues with attorney engaged. The Law Union “International Law Collegium” employs only experienced and qualified attorneys. Our services are based on transparent payment system, competitive costs and high business standards.


Attorney will tell you how to behave in a certain life situation, what to say, which proposed documents are safe to sign, which rights and obligations the client has. When necessary, Attorney will visit the client immediately for professional legal assistance.


Interlegal 24/7 Personal Attorney Service includes the following activities:

- criminal defense

- taxation

- road police and traffic accidents

- family relationship

- succession


With due care and regular high-quality service, we assist our clients, their employees and family members in settlement of their personal (usually private) issues. We value our reputation and for 21 years everyday we are keeping up the reputation of a leading company both in business and in personal relationship with clients – that is our main goal and dignity!