Pledge Agreement on stock in trade

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A large foreign bank applied to Interlegal to conclude the Pledge Agreement on stock in trade, in order to secure the borrower’s obligations under the Loan Agreement on commercial operations with agricultural stock.

Previously Interlegal lawyers concluded the Client upon legislative base in Ukraine for pledge of stock in trade. In particular, the bank drew attention on the need in additional defense mechanisms facilitating not only the pledge data entry into appropriate registers but also restriction of the option for cargo shipment without the pledgee’s relevant instructions.

With regards to Interlegal recommendations, the engaged parties drafted a multilateral agreement in favour of all the parties engaged in the process of stock purchase and transportation. In addition, Interlegal lawyers drafted the Pledge Agreement on stock in trade and consulted upon its conclusion in practice.

Interlegal team of lawyers managed by the senior layer Karyna Gorovaya led the case.