Real estate in Odessa & Nikolaev

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Since the beginning of the Year 2007 International Law offices have realized a new project “Real Estate in Odessa and Nikolaev” (www.odessaproperty.com.ua ).

The purpose of the new project is to provide legal help to foreign citizens entering the property market of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian real estate market is currently booming and offers many exciting opportunities and high returns on investment. Foreign investors wishing to enter risky but profitable real estate market first need to secure highly qualified professional legal help. Failure to obtain legal advice can result in disastrous financial losses.


The firm considers that at the moment Odessa real estate market is lack of highly qualified professional legal assistance, which is an integral part of every successful real estate transaction or project.

At present there is no licensing of real estate activity in Ukraine. Agents and brokers are interested in concluding deals as soon as possible as their commission depends on closing deals. How, then, can they guarantee that there are no risks for the client and that the title to the property is secure?

International Law Offices has been renowned for their competence and experience in the field of property and legal services for foreign citizens for a long time.

The professional team of the firm advices corporate and individual clients in all aspects of real estate transactions and deal with all types of real property: residential, commercial (office and retail) and industrial. The firm has an extensive experience in acquisitions and dispositions, construction, financing, development, foreign investments, taxation and land issues.

The firm’s professionals also provide property related services connected with civil, family and corporate laws.

The advantage of the International Law Offices consists in being able to conduct business in a number of European languages, including English, French and Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian, and in thorough knowledge of local legislation.

Any lawyer can read local laws, but you have to be local to know them properly.

International Law Offices will be happy to consult on any issue of concern to corporate or individual clients, answer any questions about buying or selling property and offer professional guidance through the entire process.