Safety on board of vessels carrying hazardous (fumigated) cargos - medicine boxes and antidotes

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In the framework of Interlegal program regarding complex legal support of shipowners and service companies in maritime transport industry, our experts drafted a special legal opinion.

Interlegal experts analyzed in details legal issues related to medicine boxes, special antidotes and special equipment to be kept on board of sea-going vessels carrying hazardous (fumigated) cargos, as a guarantee of seafarers’ safety.

In the drafting process, Interlegal lawyers studied both provisions of international regulatory acts governing such relationship and the Ukrainian national legislative acts applied in this industry. Recommendatory documents and comments to law provisions also did not remain ignored.

This legal opinion continued the series of special legal opinions devoted to carriage of fumigated, hence hazardous cargos. Vitality of such issues for Ukraine remains an essential element of all export grain batches.

The lawyer Mikhail Selivanov under general supervision of the associated partner Natalya Myroshnychenko drafted the legal opinion.