Shipowner avoided ship arrest after vessel detention by law enforcement bodies

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A shipowner, foreign company, applied to Interlegal due to vessel detention by SSU investigators.

Ship arrest was grounded on detecting banned substances, as stated by law enforcement bodies, at one of the crew members under customs inspection.

This fact was treated as smuggling on board of the Client’s vessel.

Overall assessment of the Client’s legal position, legal support under investigative actions, including questioning 22 crew members, and prompt appeal against the SSU investigator’s decision by Interlegal lawyers facilitated vessel release.

The vessel left sea port water area as quickly as possible, so the shipowner could avoid ship arrest at the Ukrainian port and mitigate losses.

Attorneys-at-law Alexey Remeslo, Vitalii Tolstik and Ellina Romanova succeeded in solving the Client’s task due to effectively chosen defense tactics and long-term work experience at Interlegal.