The conference “Maritime Odessa 2009”

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The conference “Maritime Odessa 2009” took place in Londonskaya Hotel (Odessa, Ukraine) on the 24 - 25 of June, 2009. It was organized by E.A.S.T. CONSULTING under the support of the legal firm International Law Offices.


 The conference was entitled “Possibilities of the Tax Planning and Registration of the Vessels by means of Non-Resident Companies”.


 The moderator of the first conference day was a partner of International Law Offices Nikolay Melnykov.  


Nikolay Melnykov made a presentation named “Registration of the Sea Vessels in International Law”. In his presentation he paid the special attention to the state registration of a sea vessel. State registration is the basic institute for compliance of the vessels involved into international navigation with the requirements adopted by the international community.