The proceeding upon the fire on board of the m/v JUL is over

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We remind you that in August 2012 during the repair works at the shipyard in Izmail there was a fire on board of the m/v JUL which caused death of 2 people and complete burn-out of the deck island.


Experts of Interlegal represented the interest of the ship owner company and of the widow of one of the dead in the present case.


During the case proceeding the obtaining of insurance compensation Ingosstrakh was organized for relatives of the dead, the illegal criminal prosecution of the crew members was prevented and the disputes and mutual monetary claimed with contractors were settled in the pretrial procedure.


Then the damaged vessel was sold beyond Ukraine for utilization.


Alexey Remeslo, Sergey Kalitenko, Andrey Perepelitsa and Artem Skorobogatov (head of the project) took part in the work upon the project.


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