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TRIUMPH OF INSPIRATION  in “Feelosophy” Art Gallery of Sergey Filipchuk


On 26 March 2010 the exhibition of Odessa artist Vitaly Dets was solemnly opened in “Feelosophy” art gallery {BR}{BR} Representatives of International Law Offices were there among the invited guests. We are proud that the founder of “Feelosophy” Sergey Filipchuk is not only our client, but our friend. Thanks to him we can enjoy such demonstrations of taste and beauty. Thank you very much, dear Sergey!


The artist’s skills reflect the romance he is searching for (and finds!), though it is very difficult to find as it has almost disappeared nowadays.


This is a fairytale world, where the artist leads us for a while. This cycle of paintings can be defined as romantic fantasy. Vitaly Dets shows us the beauty of the moment, draws the viewer away from the everyday routine to inspire by the beauty that is besides us all the time, but which is being ignored by most of the people.


Organizers of the exhibition did their best: great number of visitors, really solemn exhibition opening, professional musical band, substantial stand up party. The artist looked really happy.


 We felt pleasure to contemplate the artist’s oeuvre and the gallery itself.