Ukrainian and Belgian Business Forum

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More than 102 Belgian companies from different sectors such as agriculture, transport and logistics, food industry, energy saving, pharmaceutics, construction, architecture and design etc. participated in the Belgian Economic Mission to Ukraine.


The Prince of Belgium Philippe sees 5 priority ways for cooperation between Ukrainian and Belgium business: construction, transport infrastructure, food industry, energy saving and green technologies.


http://www.logisticsplatform.com.ua/}Logistics Platform intends to strengthen and develop business ties between Ukraine and Belgium. In particular, in 2011 the work of the Ukrainian and Belgian business club at the Embassy of Belgium will be aimed to achieve that goal where Logistics Platform is going to take an active part. The informational portal of the club will extend the scope of activities and will cover all possible news on the matters in this sphere.


Logistics Platform intends to organize a series of events together with the Belgian and Ukrainian partners to assist in implementation of the projects on economic development and attraction of investments to Ukraine.


International Law Offices, consulting company specialized in the sphere of transport being the partner of Logistics Platform, is about to support that idea and to take part in the business events to cover the issues on transport logistics as a sector (namely, transport) specified in the list of priority issues called by Prince Philippe.


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