Use of the FCR in Ukraine

всего: 0 05.09.08

In September 2008 the i-net resourse of the legal information RORWARDERLAW.COM has published the article “Use of the FCR in Ukraine” written by partner of the International Law Offices, Ukraine Arthur Nitsevych. “..Technological progress results in development of the social relations. New forms of transport documentation appear in the field of forwarding. And even nowadays Ukraine adopts the world experience in application of the traditional forms.
The present article is dedicated to the FIATA FCR. The FCR is the oldest form of forwarding document, adopted by FIATA in 1955…”

Click here http://www.forwarderlaw.com/library/view.php?article_id=524&highlight=Arthur+Nitsevych to read the full version of the article. r
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