Workshop-Presentation for the Employees of ‘Maersk Ukraine Ltd’

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International Law Offices’ organized a workshop-presentation for the employees of ‘Maersk Ukraine Ltd’ on the 1st of December 2010 within the framework of the Legal Services Agreement. As requested by the client the event was based upon discussion of the most actual issues arising in everyday practice related to some specific problems as for application of the carriage conditions (Bill of Lading) of Maersk Line.


There were made three speeches during the workshop.


 The partner of ‘International Law Offices’, Nikolay Melnykov, made a presentation named: ‘General Average. Theoretical and Practical Aspects’. The presentation being quite simple and at the same time significant draw the listeners’ attention. In view of the recent events related to the collision of m/v ‘CMA CGM Verlaine’ with m/v ‘Odessa Star’, which had resulted in numerous requests due to the declared general average and claims of the clients, those issues turned out to be crucial.


The senior lawyers of ‘International Law Offices’, Natalia Myroshnychenko and Artem Skorobogatov, covered some important matters faced by the clients in everyday work. Thus, Natalia Myroshnychenko dwelled upon the essential conditions of the Bill of Lading of Maersk Line and responsibility of the ‘merchant’. Her speech was interspersed with questions and vivid discussion on particular cases from the practice of the Line and its agent. Artem Skorobogatov continued the issue of liability under the Bill of Lading on the part of the carrier. He also made examples from the ‘fresh’ court practice in Ukraine related to the right of the carrier to sale unclaimed cargoes and possibility to bring the parties to liability for the failure to make payments being payable to the carrier (freight, storage, demurrage) under the Bill of Lading.


Success of the presentation in ‘Maersk Ukraine Ltd’ as the first event in such a format was to confirm our belief on utility of similar events for the clients. We are glad that we have not been mistaken. The note of thanks received from the client proves that fact.Alexander Chebotarenko


Senior lawyer