International Business: Companies, Accounts and Taxes

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Interlegal invites you to attend the traditional annual seminar International Business: Companies, Accounts and Taxes. This seminar awakes interest among owners and managers of shipping, logistics, trading companies, technology companies, port operators, forwarders and aspiring entrepreneurs concerned of international business.

Date: April 16, 2021

Venue: Premier Hotel Odessa

Themes of the reports include also overview of changes in legislation of countries with preferential taxation, news and trends in business registration. Seminar participants will discuss changes in cooperation with non-residents in Ukraine, private interests of business owners, specifications of sharing tax information, methods to protect assets in Ukraine and abroad, business security issues and many others.


Preliminary program*

12.30 PM – 1.00 PM Registration and Welcome Coffee

1.00 PM – 3.00 PM Block 1. New realities for international business

Moderated by Irina Voyevodina, Interlegal partner

Themes for discussion:

International realities for cooperation with non-residents: jurisdictions, substance, bank compliance, business relocation

Daria Liashenko, associate attorney, Interlegal

How to do business in Poland: culture, procedures and specifications

Krzysztof Kowalczyk, partner, PSJP, Poland

Business in Georgia, real estate investment

Valerian Imnaishvili, partner Marine Legal Adviser, Interlegal-Georgia

Doing business in the Southern Ukraine


Launching BEPS in Ukraine: what we achieved? Features of the implementation of CFC rules in Ukraine - what you need to know and what actions to take

Anna Nevmerzhytska, director, Financial Services and International Tax Solutions Leader PwC Ukraine

Transfer pricing: update practice

Tatiana Stretovych, head of Tax and Legal Department, Baker Tilly

Risks of recognition of a representative office of a non-resident company in Ukraine

Marta Sverdlykivska, associate attorney, Interlegal


3.00 PM – 3.15 PM Coffee Break


3.15 PM – 4.30 PM Block 2. Panel Discussion: People, processes, communications as business driving force

Themes for discussion:

- The future of remote work

- Team communications in crisis: what should we pay attention to?

- Recruiting and hiring: essential trends

- How to train employees effectively in 2021?


Nadezhda Savchenko, CEO, HR Agency Key People

Ruzanna Arutiunian, CEO, Wave business school

Stanislav Tkachik, director, LUKRO LTD

Andrey Lander, CEO, Codeska

Oleg Bocharnikov, CFO, KeepSolid


4.30 PM – 6.00 PM Block 3. Case study upon vital issues

- How to restructure business, should we need to prepare for a CFC?

- Tax-free liquidation, tax amnesty

- Tax residency, sharing tax information

- Banking regulation and financial monitoring

- Refunding abroad and blocking accounts

- Economic Security Bureau: what is this new entity?

- Business safety

- Cyber-fraud: how to avoid and counteract it?

- How to defend yourself from a monopolist

- Buying luxury goods abroad: yacht ownership and incorporation of chartering company


Ellina Romanova, senior associate, Interlegal

Daria Liashenko, associate attorney, Interlegal

Dmitro Tychynskyy, associate attorney, Interlegal

Dmitro Ochkolias, associate attorney, Interlegal

Vitalii Tolstik, associate attorney, Interlegal


Registration fee: EUR 120

Contact person: Tatyana Lysenko, +38 095 231 25 10, lysenko@interlegal.com.ua

For registration of more than 2 participants: 10% discount for the 2nd and the following participants.