Anniversary meeting of the Whisky Club

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Dear friends!


We would like to inform that on the 9th of February 2011, Wednesday, at 07:00 p.m., the anniversary meeting of the Whisky Club will be firstly held in 2011.


We are glad to celebrate with you the Birthday of our Whisky Club. We are one year old!


The meeting will take place, as usually, in Corvin Club (17, Lanzheronovskaya Street).  


Programme: ‘Whisky of the Whole World’, tasting the whisky of high quality – Japan, New Zealand, France and Switzerland.


The presentation will take about 40 minutes. You will get to know about 5 types of the non-traditional whisky produced in various countries. We promise unforgettable sensation!


The communication of the club’s members is informal (not a single word about the work!) The cost for participation: 200 UAH per person.


The business club was gathered for the first time in Odessa, February 2010, by initiative of the organizer, International Law Offices and we enjoy the great beverages and pleasant communication for the whole year!


It is indisputable that informal communication of people bound by joint business is much more pleasant as it involves a rest and at least short escape from problems and concerns about the heavy day. Tasting room of Corvin Club meets all requirements in the best possible way.


 You are welcome in Corvin Club!


 International Law Offices.

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