Black Sea Container Summit 2010

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The representatives of the consortium MTBS/International Law Offices are participating in the container summit. This year the Director of MTBS, Paul van Eulem, takes part in the summit together with his colleague, Wouter van Nus.


The managing partner of International Law Offices, Arthur Nitsevych, will participate in the summit with the presentation named Modern Risks in Container Business and Trade.


This event is very meaningful for the Black Sea region. Every year it becomes more and more significant.


The summit is thought to be the next scheduled review of ‘container forces’ of the Black Sea region in the conditions of the world economic crisis negotiation and the recovery of container cargo flows. {BR}{BR}General sponsor of the summit is the company HPC Ukraine, the operator of Odessa seaport’s container terminal.


Black Sea Container Summit is going to give opportunities for fruitful dialogue to the heads of transport companies, cargo owners, carriers, terminal operators, line agents, forwarders, representatives of governmental bodies, to all specialists related to the market of container carriages. {BR}{BR} {B}Special issues to be discussed at the summit:


• Ways to recovery of global container carriages after world economic crisis


• Black Sea container market in the recapture period


• Trade lanes of the Black Sea container cargo flows


• New realities in container shipping lines? activity


• Supply and demand of terminal capacities in the Black Sea countries



• Issues of container transit


• Dry ports and logistics centers assigned for container operations


• New technologies and handling equipment for container terminals


• Problems of customs clearance


Among the speakers there will be the analysts of world consulting companies, representatives of all Black Sea countries.


During the summit the delegates will be familiarized with the activity of Odessa Merchant Seaport and the construction works on creation of a new container terminal with its throughput capacity of 600.000 TEUs a year on of the Karantinny Mole in Odessa port.


The latest 3rd Black Sea Container Summit 2009 gathered around 140 representatives of the world largest container lines, global terminal operators, heads and top-managers of seaports, stevedore companies, manufacturers of container handling equipment, transport and forwarding companies from 14 countries of the world (Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Romania, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Estonia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, USA, Turkey, Moldova). {BR}{BR} {B}Special reasons to attend the summit:{/B}{BR}{BR} The Black Sea container market had been growing before the credit crunch started at the world highest growth rates — up to 40 % annually. Ukraine is actively developing the container carriages infrastructure, escalating the stevedoring activity in the country’s seaports. A new market is evolving. There is also the place for you in this market. {BR}{BR}In the process of preparation for the summit the information will be specified and replenished. Venue:Londonskaya’ Hotel,  11, Primorskiy Blvd., Odessa, Ukraine.


Organizational Committee: Ph.: +380 (482) 373882, 371980 Fax: +380 (482) 373835{BR} Email: mailto:summit@uports.odessa.ua}summit@uports.odessa.ua http://www.containersummit.com}www.containersummit.com

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