Interlegal helps the Client to avoid overpayment for purchased goods as well as to avoid payment of demurrage

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Due to involvement of Interlegal, the Client has managed to avoid overpayment for purchased goods as well as to avoid payment of demurrage.

The dispute occurred between the Seller and the Buyer under the Grain Sales Agreement (FOB) concerning the amount of supplied goods.

The Seller (stated in the Bill of Lading as the Consignor) refused to confirm the weight of supplied goods determined by the contractual surveyor. The Seller stated that the goods were supplied in large amount according to its own data.

Despite absurdity of the Seller’s position, the dispute lasted for almost one week till engagement of lawyers.

In the process of negotiations we stated the detailed legal assessment of situation and its prospects. As the result, the Seller had no choice but to sign Bill of Ladings (stating the weight determined by the contractual surveyor) and to recognize its responsibility for vessel’s detention.

Dmitriy Zagorodnyuk, senior lawyer of Interlegal, proceeded the case.

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