Interlegal lawyers helped their Client to enforce ICAC at the UCCI Award at the territory of Georgia

25 ноября 2020 г.: ru 1 en 119 ноября 2020 г.: ru 1 22 декабря 2020 г.: ru 1 всего: 31 30.10.20

The Client – Ukrainian trading company – applied to Interlegal for recognition and enforcement of the Ukrainian arbitration award against the Georgian defendant.

Interlegal engaged our Georgian office, which led the court proceedings in strict coordination with the head office in Odessa. Despite the protracted court proceedings and the obstacles from the Georgian defendant, Interlegal lawyers succeeded in finding the defendant’s assets (land plots) in Georgia, followed by recognition and enforcement of the arbitration award at the expense of the detected land plots. Following all the bureaucratic procedures complicated by the quarantine, finally we managed to complete re-registration of title on land plots in favour of our Client.

Interlegal lawyers Valeria Ivanova and Igor Kostov, managed by associate partner Alexey Remeslo and jointly with Interlegal Georgian office, led the case.

Click here for details on recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards.

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