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Master class “Purchase of vessels” was held on 18th of April 2012 in Odessa National Maritime Academy.


Master class was organized by International Law Offices and Faculty of Maritime Law and Management of ONMA under the support of the Nautical Institute of Ukraine, it was held for third and fourth-year students and teachers of the Academy.


Nadezhda Malanchy, a lawyer of International Law Offices, was a moderator of Master class.


During Master class the following questions were discussed:

- procedure, pre-contractual and contractual stages of execution a deal

- obligations of the Seller and the Buyer

- 4 practical cases, each of them describing a perfect way of holding a deal



a) purchase of a vessel mortgaged in the bank

b) purchase of the company with a vessel

c) purchase by means of concluding a bareboat charter agreement with the following repurchase

d) topical issues arising in the course of a deal


Master class had a great success. About 30 students and teachers took part in Master class. The audience was vivid and active. The presentation of Nadezhda Malanchy was formed on real cases from the company`s practice, because of that a lot of questions were answered by the moderator.

The organizers express gratitude to the administration of the Academy and the organizers of ONMA and Faculty of Maritime Law.


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19 April 2012

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