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We help you to choose and to check objects and partners and to draft optimal cooperation schemes for effective business.

What will we do for you:

  • Transaction structuring and support, in Ukraine and in other countries, upon participation interests, shares, real estate and business;

  • Consulting upon the issues of foreign investments in Ukraine and abroad;

  • Guaranteed settlements: escrow, letter of credit, surety;

  • Drafting optimal working schemes for effective business;

  • Personal contracts/agreements;

  • Legal support of sale and purchase deals in Ukraine and abroad (participation interests, shares, vessels, real estate, intellectual property);

  • Risk assessment and optimal variant for investment;

  • Checking investment objects and potential business partners;

  • Protection and registration of intellectual property assets (patents, trademarks, copyrights);

  • Drafting the best investment variant (e.g. concession, privatization, joint venture, lease, public-private partnership etc.);


Please read our articles about investments. We have them written for many years – probably you will find below answers to the issues of concern for your business. Otherwise, you may contact our experts for assistance in your business.

  • Carriers’ and forwarders’ responsibility. Why you should keep an eye on it in Ukrainian business realia?17.08.15 17.08.15
    Cargo transportation is quite a complex business. Lack of experience and inability to manage risks in this industry may have a negative impact on making business and often entails disappointment with the results of transaction both for the client and service provider. If the forwarder or the carrier fails to fulfill properly its obligations on rendering services it may result in losses, caused by delay or damages or loss of the cargo...more
  • Everything you say may be used against you, or what does the term «Without prejudice» mean25.02.15 25.02.15
    A legal term “without prejudice” is often used in business correspondence. “Without prejudice” means that everything stated in letter marked as “without prejudice” will not be taken into account in the process of settlement of the dispute.more
  • Property rights to be protected in Crimea: how and when?30.06.14 30.06.14

    In Crimea, court cases that have been started under Ukrainian law will be held under Russian legislation. The Chairman of the Court of Appeal of Crimea, Valeriy Chernobuk, advised that, as of 24 March 2014, Crimean courts are accepting only those applications that are based on Russian law. Crimean courts are working now on...

  • “Nationalization” and other “legal” developments in Crimea26.03.14 26.03.14

    In Crimea court cases that have been started under the Ukrainian law will be held under the Russia legislation. The Chairman of the Court of Appeal of Crimea Valeriy Chernobuk advised that as of March 24 Crimea courts are accepting only those applications that are based on the Russian law.

  • Milestones of Corporate Governance in Ukraine15.02.10 15.02.10
    In Ukraine only joint stock companies issue shares as securities. Other companies (for instance, LLCs or PLCs) cannot issue shares as securities. On 29 April 2009 the new Joint Stock Companies Law came into force providing two types of joint stock companies in Ukraine: public (that can have their shares listed at stock exchange) and private (their shares cannot be listed).more
  • Is PPP viable under Ukrainian law03.07.08 03.07.08
    The public-private partnerships (PPP) concept has been widely adopted around the world in recent years. In view of the economic upturn in Ukraine the state and municipal property in different sectors requires construction, renovation, higher operation and maintenance standards. Let’s review the viability of legal framework schemes to get the idea if projects may be procured.more
  • Nota bene: amendments to land transactions in Ukraine02.02.09 02.02.09
    The Ukrainian land law is undergoing significant changes due to the constant development of land transactions in Ukraine. In autumn 2008 one could observe an unprecedented number of amendments to the laws covering real estate issues in Ukraine.more
  • Investing in Ukraine via Cyprus08.05.07 08.05.07
    Many clients ask me as a lawyer a direct question what jurisdiction is the best one to invest in Ukraine. Can you give us a feel for the percentage of investors into Ukraine that use Cyprus-based vehicles? Of course, every case is a unique one. But let’s see together. According to the official Ukrainian statistics, the growth of foreign direct investment in 2005 hit a record high of $7.328 bln, which is 4.7 times more than in 2004.more

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