Force majeure: analyze your documents free of charge

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Are there anybody from you or maybe your partners who has prepared their business in advance to quarantine caused by COVID-19? How many such unique businesses?
Basing upon our everyday practice we know for sure that majority of businesses being catched unawares.
Violation of contractual liabilities, penalties, damages. Everything goes wrong. Does this familiar to you? Are there any measures to protect business in such chaos?
We know that such measures exist and we want to help you in this dramatic situation at least with your business in Ukraine.
Force majeure is one of such measures which we offer you to refer to in relations with your counterparts. Force majeure means extraordinary and inevitable circumstances that objectively make impossible to fulfill obligations stipulated by the terms of the contract. COVID-19 quarantine falls within this definition.
Yes of course it is not so easy just to write or tell magic word “Force Majeure” in order to arrange matters. Special procedure shall be followed in order to protect your business due to force majeure. And we will help you with this procedures also. 
What shall we do for you?
1. Obtain the corresponding certificate of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
2. Arrange claims handling procedure;
3. Provide complete settlement of your dispute even in courts (if any).
We understand that this situation is not good reason to collect money thus Interlegal offers to analyze your documents free of charge, for the possibility of applying force majeure to your circumstances.
And the last but not the least, - do not hesitate with force majeure implementation due to limited period of this measure! 
For details please contact associate attorney Mikhail Selivanov (00 38 094 956 05 28, selivanov@interlegal.com.ua)