• The ICAC at the UCCI as one of qualified options of alternative disputes resolution6 июля 2017 г.: en 315 июля 2017 г.: en 218 июля 2017 г.: en 2 всего: 36 15.06.17

    Ukraine is one of the leading exporting players of the global agricultural trade market. The orientation of the Ukrainian economy, including the wide range of the groups of commodities, facilitates cooperation between the Ukrainian exporters and their foreign counteragents.more
  • Maritime law in Ukraine6 июня 2017 г.: ru 6 18 июня 2017 г.: ru 4 19 июня 2017 г.: ru 4 всего: 690 17.05.17

    Ukraine is a maritime state on Black Sea and Azov Sea coasts, which has its own fleet, shipbuilding and ship repair facilities, number of sea ports and river ports on two rivers, the Dnieper and the Danube, open for navigation.more
  • Notice of Readiness and Demurrage: Geographical Issues in the LMAA Arbitration Award2 ноября 2017 г.: en 310 мая 2018 г.: en 325 октября 2017 г.: en 2 всего: 74 20.04.17

    Geographical location is one of the principal specifications used for sea port formation having direct impact on the port operation efficiency and its further development. At the same time, geographical peculiarities of each sea port have not only economic but also legal impact on organization of sea carriage and consequent handling operations.more
  • Direct claim against liability insurer: is it real in Ukraine?28 декабря 2018 г.: en 128 января : en 16 июля : en 1 всего: 22 17.04.17

    For a party suffering damage from a tort or breach of contract, it may be of key importance to sue not only the person liable, but also the liability insurer behind that person. This is obviously hot topic in transport law practice, and it is legally challenging.more
  • Peculiarities of Ship arrest in some Black Sea jurisdictions20 апреля 2017 г.: en 811 мая 2017 г.: en 418 апреля 2017 г.: en 2 всего: 49 16.03.17

    Black Sea countries - Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova - have various rules governing ship arrest. Some of these countries (namely, post-Soviet ones) are similar by mentality and official approach, while others are very different in administration of law and court practice.more
  • Automatic application of LMAA Small Claims Procedure: to apply or not to apply?10 апреля 2017 г.: en 911 апреля 2017 г.: en 520 апреля 2017 г.: en 3 всего: 138 22.02.17

    In 1989 London Maritime Arbitrators Association (LMAA) first introduced the Small Claim Procedure (SCP), construed for consideration of the small disputes, which deemed to be simplified, quick and more cost-effective than the procedure under general LMAA Terms. The SCP has been subject to several revisions and the latest version is in effect from 1 January 2012. Successful practical usage of SCP during 27 years has been followed by particular controversies as to its applicability.more
  • Black Sea practice newsletter, October-December 201613 февраля 2017 г.: ru 3 en 123 февраля 2017 г.: ru 1 en 17 августа 2017 г.: ru 1 en 1 всего: 136 23.01.17

    Interlegal offers you an overview of the hot news from practice, with most useful information for the reporting period.more
  • 500 thousand USD for cargo deterioration15 мая : ru 1 en 25 февраля : ru 2 14 сентября : en 1 всего: 61 11.01.17

    How to win LMAA arbitration and to save 500 thousand USD for the Client?more
  • We’ll go another way. Tailor-made Voyage Charter for large metal product exporter15 мая : ru 2 en 130 января : ru 2 12 июля : en 1 всего: 30 11.01.17

    Interlegal lawyers drafted promptly justification of the Charterer’s position, followed by dispute settlement with regards to the latter’s interests.more
  • Caution: sanctions!28 августа 2017 г.: ru 1 en 227 сентября 2017 г.: ru 1 en 13 октября 2017 г.: ru 1 en 1 всего: 1244 21.12.16

    Today special sanctions are quite a serious institute of administrative governing foreign business entities and their foreign economic activity by the state. Similar intervention into the company business is not always lawful and is usually based on hasty making a decision under the principle “first sanctions, then consideration” which is certainly inadmissible.more