Ukrainian Ports, Shipping and Transport News Bulletin December 2020

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Feasibility study for the concession of the container terminal “Chornomorsk” ready in early 2021 The working Group on the implementation of a public-private partnership in the seaport Chornomorsk defined the schedule of the concession… Read more »

Agrovista Raising Funds of $10M for Trading and River Logistics Development

With this deal, we continued our successful experience in attracting investments from American partners. Read more »

All Ukrainian Ports to Be Transferred to Concession or Privatised in 4 Years

This was proclaimed by Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladyslav Kryklii at an international conference summoned by UkraineInvest. Read more »

Kernel Challenging Ukrzaliznytsia with Grain Wagons Number

The company has come the second owner of grain cars after the public Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznytsia). Read more »

Port of Gdansk strikes ‘Black Sea to the Baltic’ trade route deal with Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority Details of the agreement are being formally unveiled after an MoU was… Read more »

Ukraine and Belarus Prolonging Contract on Oil Transit via Pivdenny Port

JS Ukrtransnafta and a daughter company of the Belarus oil company BNK UK Ltd have expanded to 2021 the contract on transit of the crude… Read more »

Rail freight transport. The Commission approves the new German State aids

Commission approved the €200 million German scheme to support companies willing to connect their facilities to… Read more »

Ukrainian Government Amending Its Sea Ports Development Strategy

This decision is vital for the Ukrainian sea ports’ further development… Read more »

Government Endorsing Maximum Price for Concession Motorways Use

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on its Wednesday 23 December session has accepted… Read more »

MIU Naming Railway Stations to Be Concessioned First

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (MIU) has reported that they expect major international stakeholders… Read more »

New Berth Finally Constructed in Odessa Port

The investments amounted to more than $100M for the future quay capable of 4M t a year. Read more »


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    Ukrainian port industry is growing rapidly and the upcoming vote for concession legislation should only confirm this trend.   ...

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  • Law of Ukraine on Concessions: Pros and Contras before Voting2019.04.08

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    Until recently, investing in Ukrainian port infrastructure was considered quite risky, due to an outdated regulatory framewor...

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  • Law on Privatization: what about sea ports?2018.02.02

    On January 18, 2018, the Supreme Council of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine “On state and public property privatization”. Which changes w...

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  • Port dues in the framework of court proceedings2017.12.28

    Port dues differ in various countries and even in various ports of the same country, mainly for historical reasons. Port dues nature and amo...

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  • Lease, concession and privatization of ports in Ukraine2016.11.25

    2016 year is coming to the end, while disputes concerning deadlock recovery of investments at the Ukrainian sea ports still continue. One sa...

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