Taras Dragan

Taras Dragan

Junior lawyer

Work experience since 2004

Education: Odessa National Academy of law

Languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English

Family status: married

Hobbies: marathon, photography, football, literature.


  • Ship arrest in Ukraine: new approaches

    The concept of one shipowner – one vessel The concept of one shipowner – one vessel arose due to shipowners’ reasonable desire to secure their business against ship arrest. Today the shipowner, having understood the p...подробнее
  • US and EU sanctions for vessel passing the Kerch Strait

    Based on our practice for the recent years, we decided to draft a review upon standard issue being studied for many times, namely: EU and US sanctions imposed on Russia due to the latter’s aggression against Ukraine, but...подробнее
  • Collecting bunker debt - when urgency matters

    Task The Client – large bunkering company making business in Black Sea Region – applied to Interlegal for debt recovery for bunker supply from the Shipowner amounting to 50,000 USD. With regards to the Client’s marit...подробнее